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Introducing Lexis Advance®

Lexis Advance is an innovative online research platform that allows today’s legal professionals to access trusted research from LexisNexis® quickly and easily. Refreshingly intuitive and flexible, Lexis Advance is designed with your efficiency in mind. It provides you with access to the bigger picture – your way.

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A refreshingly efficient way to conduct your research
Lexis Advance allows you to conduct your research intuitively using clever functionalities. From your home page, you can start your search quickly and manage your research activity efficiently with five direct access options: Publications, History, Favourites, Folders and Alerts

A smart platform with flexibility in mind
Lexis Advance has a powerful and optimized search engine that understands both natural language and Boolean queries, so you can search legal content in whichever way feels most natural to you. Whether you decide to start from our smart single search box and use pre-and post-search filters to narrow down results, or to make the most of your research expertise by using our powerful Advanced Search Forms, Lexis Advance allows you to navigate straight to the most Relevant results you need. We anticipate your research path… and accelerate it!

Turn your research into Immediate action
From search inquiry to analysis, to insight, on a platform that anticipates your research path, you can trust your research trail will never go cold

Key Lexis Advance functionalities:

  • Research Map: A powerful analytical tool that lets you save, manage and backtrack through prior work, compare documents and result sets, and take an overarching view of complex research trails.
  • Timeline Filter: A graphical filter that enables you to view the distribution of results over time. You can choose to filter these results by date ranges or toggle the graph to quickly narrow results.

Lexis Advance Features

1. The Red search box that does so much for you
Search across all available content or select the specific source(s) you want to search. Retrieve source documents with a single click. Access full-text documents by using the citation or case name. Search using plain English or use the terms and connectors you are comfortable with.

2. Powerful searching uncovers just the facts you need
By utlising Lexis Advance's powerful Advanced Search Forms, you can navigate straight to the most relevant results. Focus your research via the specialised advances search fields - such as Catchwords, Judge, Court, reference to legislations and others - will provide more precise result sets. Alternatively, start your broader search with the single search bar, combinations and advanced searches that you use most.

3. Customize and personalize your own page
Enjoy easy access to the publications your subscribe to, recent searches and history, as well as documents, folders, favourites and alerts, enabling you to customize where you want to start.

4. Personalisation made easy
Lexis Advance now allows you to quickly annotate sections and highlight texts directly from the platform.

5. Online folders that increase your effectiveness
Save what's important to you in online folders - documents, text, even search parameters and results. Plus you are notified automatically if folder documents have changed.

6. Copy and paste made easy
Save time with the ability to paste hyperlinks directly into an email or document and feel confident knowing that you can access the source.

7. Case Citator enhancements
Be more confident in citing authorities as Case Citator now includes visualisation of treatment by subsequent cases according to the court's hierarchy.

8. Review your research - history list and research map
Resume past research without missing a beat. Your search history, search terms, documents, sent emails and other activities are automatically saved in your history for up to 90 days. Review your history as a list or choose a graphical map view where you can retrace your search, refine it, compare results and find additional, similar documents.

9. Alert enhancement
Have more control in your Alerts as Lexis Advance now supports "pause" and future Alert creation.

10. Mobile access that doesn't require an app
Choose your mobile device - smartphone, tablet or laptop. Lexis Advance screens automatically adapt to fit your device.

Powerful search starts with a click
Search from a streamlined platform with a single-click search bar. Or customise where you want your search to start.

Find your focus
See the most relevant content on one screen. Or use highlighted terms to drill down on critical data.

See the bigger picture with Research Map
Save, manage and backtrack through prior work. Compare documents and result sets. Or take an overarching view of complex research trials. This is smart analysis at work.

Find your place sooner with Timeline Filter
View the distribution of results over time. Then filter the results by dates or toggle to narrow down the results further and faster.

Follow your intuition with Advanced Search Forms
Make the most of your research expertise and navigate straight to the most relevant results.

Work Folders. Keep the crucial safe.
From documents and text to annotations and search parameters, store and retrieve your results with ease.

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