LexisNexis® SmartSolutions®

LexisNexis® Smart Solutions is an ever growing suite of workflow and productivity solutions.

Leading technology, accurate information and exceptional research is all available within LexisNexis Smart Solutions. Each suite has solutions designed to streamline your workflow – driving profitability, helping you work smarter, faster and giving you back more time to make a difference that really matters to you.

Relevant results, delivered faster
You want powerful, authoritative and current legal content. You just found the answer. Lexis Malaysia & Lexis Red. Transform the way you conduct legal research.

Guidance & Tools.
in on the essentials
Streamline your work and get straight to the answers you need. LexisNexis Practical Guidance is your everyday resource for essential online legal research.

Business management.
Driving profitability and growth
Focus on managing the matter, not your workflow. Streamline process, automate tasks and maximise billable hours with one of our smart solutions, Lexis Affinity.

Lexis® Malaysia
Certainty. Clarity. Authority.
Find them all.

Reassuringly authoritative, refreshingly intuitive and efficient, Lexis Malaysia is the leading and innovative online legal research platform.

What’s in it for you?

Advise with confidence
Access Malaysia and the Commonwealth's most authoritative and comprehensive collection of legal materials.

Stay up-to-date
Always updated with the latest legal and market development.

Cut down research time
Finding content is easier and faster with our search tool.

Access primary law
Access to the most up-to-date Malaysia Legislation.

The lightest law library in the land.
Harness the full breadth of the law without the full weight of the library. Lexis Red delivers Malaysia’s entire loose-leaf library in the palm of your hand.

Your library, your way
Take control of your loose-leaf subscription services with a fully customisable library.

Always available
Borrow and lend titles only when needed.

Find your place
Save time leafing through papers with smart annotations and even smarter search.

Stay nimble
Improve your ability to respond to matters in real-time with auto-updated content.

On-demand lending
Borrow titles only when you need them. Keep them for as long as you like.

The lightest library
Effortlessly carry your entire looseleaf library on your iPad or laptop.

To find out more, email us at mylexisnexis@lexisnexis.com

Lexis® Practical Guidance
Your 'how-to' of legal practice

Broaden your firm’s expertise and capabilities.

Lexis Practical Guidance is an innovative online workflow-based solution to your daily legal research and case matter preparation. Written by trusted local experts in Malaysia and Singapore which will make a difference in expanding your firm’s expertise. Start with Lexis Practical Guidance to get the answers you need faster, easier and accurately.

Available modules:

  • Corporate Law
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Employment Law
  • Commercial Law

What’s in it for you?

Save hours of drafting times
Turnaround a first draft at ease with LexisNexis’s bank of precedents and drafting notes.

Speed up process intensive work
Follow tools and checklists that explain the legal process.

Back up your work with authority
Direct links to the underlying law in LexisLibrary. The most authoritative legal library available.

Update forms seamlessly
All the most up-to-date versions of the key forms. Easy to save, edit and email to clients.

Trusted content
We work with experienced contributors who work in practice.

Find out how, email us at

Lexis Affinity™
Smooth the management of your legal practice with Lexis Affinity ™

Flexible & easy to use Lexis Affinity is ideal for mid size firms to large firms. Lexis Affinity streamlines everyday work processes into one system to provide a secure working environment, transparency of business performance, satisfying the needs of the practice.

What’s in it for you?

Simplify practice management processes
Streamline processes and procedures into one integrated platform that supports all business-critical functions.

Control practice management costs
Delivers more functionality for managing your costs and expenditures.

Automated documentation and workflows
Increase the efficiency of your practice management systems with workflow templates.

Customized options to fit your needs
Configure Lexis Affinity to meet your firm’s practice management needs.

Find out how, email us at mylexisnexis@lexisnexis.com.

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